EECP, also known as a Non-Invasive Modern-Day Bypass is approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia and FDA.  Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) Therapy is safe , simple non-invasive, affordable and effective treatment which is clinically proven to be highly successful in eliminating or reducing the symptoms of coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

It works by improving circulation throughout your body, by promoting growth of accessory blood vessels naturally. EECP strengthens the cardiovascular system through increased blood flow which helps the body repair and heal itself.  Our centre has the latest state of the art EECP machine with the hand cuffs which provides better and more blood flow throughout your whole body.

Read the Case Studies and Medical Research Papers from around the world on EECP by clicking the button below.

Heal your body with EECP

How Does EECP Work?


EECP is non-invasive. It is also an outpatient therapy. You are required to lie down on a comfortable bed in our treatment room.


If you are accepted for EECP after your medical examination, our in-house doctors will advise the best course of treatment for EECP.


EECP studies have shown no serious of life-threatening side effects. Just lie down on a comfortable bed in a our treatment room.

An overview

Our packages consists of E-ECP Treatment, Oxygen Therapy and Doctors Consultation at our Award Winning 5 Star Medical Wellness Centre.  Contact us today and find out about our 24 Months Payment Plan using all Major Credit Cards in Malaysia.

EECP Malaysia

How Does EECP Work?

News By Buletin TV3


Ischaemic heart diseases remained as the second highest principal causes of death after COVID-19, 13.7% of the medically certified deaths in 2021.

  • Long COVID
    A recent 2022 study has shown it can help post-COVID patients.
    Helps the heart to pump blood more efficiently.
  • High Blood Pressure
    Helps normalise high blood pressure with secretion of nitric oxide.
  • High Cholestrol
    EECP together with Ganban-Yoku treatment helps to reduce cholesterol levels.
    Helps in lowering blood glucose levels.
  • Stroke
    Helps improve the perfusion of vital organs, which may benefit ischemic stroke.
  • Poor Stamina
    Helps to enhance staminaendurance and more restful sleep.
    Helps improve libido and stamina in patients.
    Patients reported a significant improvement of penile rigidity after completion of the EECP treatment and a significant improvement of penile peak systolic flow was measured by Doppler sonography.


I would definitely recommend EECP to everybody who wants to feel like a 20 year old again.  Worth every penny spent.

I used to pant a lot walking upstairs at home and didn’t know it was related to the heart.  After 6x of EECP, I feel much better and stronger and going upstairs and downstairs, running after my grandchildren don’t seem to be an issue anymore. Thank you EECP Malaysia!

No regrets with the recommendation of EECP and Ganban Yoku together.  From being so tired after playing golf, I can now do the whole 18 holes and Im still very active.

I have suffered from angina and chest pain because of my hypertension and work stress.  After the EECP Treatment at this beautiful center, the pain is no longer there and I feel like a brand new person and can do much more these days.  They really care for your health!

My specialist told me I was a walking time bomb due to my hypertension, high cholesterol and chest pain.  After 35 sessions of EECP and Ganban-Yoku, my medical report shows Im back to normal and I feel normal.  The best part of it all is I have drastically reduced my cocktail of medication after consulting with my doctor.  It’s true what they say, Health is Wealth.

I was scheduled to go to IJN to do an operation to get a pacemaker done as my fraction injection was very low. I felt tired all the time. During my 20th treatment, I visited IJN for a check up prior of my Pacemaker operation and the doctor informed me that I don’t have to get my pacemaker done because my fraction injection has improved significantly and my diabetes from 7.1 has reduced to 5.3 by following and listening to their treatment plan. Their treatment really works.

Hi Dr, before I attend the EECP treatment, I use to every now and then have short breath, especially when climbing stairs.  Lately, that doesn’t occur much and breathing is much better. I’ve also lost a bit of weight. Looking forward for more progress.

*Patients 10th time doing EECP

Pusat rawatan EECP yang terbaik dengan rawatan yang unit dan berkesan. Saya mengesyorkan pusat ini kepada semua orang yang perlu menjalani rawatan alternatif untuk kesihatan jantung dan badan. Terbaik sekali!
Ibrahim Tolo
Ibrahim Tolo
I'm a diabetic patient and my doctor was saying I need to take insulin. I was so afraid of my lifestyle change and I researched and went to a few centers before choosing this one. They really care for your health and not like the other centers who only scare you. The doctors are very caring and intuitive and told me to do EECP and their detox program. Now I have reduced my diabetic medication and I feel much healthier. Going to continue again with them soon.
Sahmimi nur
Sahmimi nur
Best EECP in Malaysia with best doctors and staff. I give 5 stars, if there are more stars I will give more
Literally bring my weight down without burdening my heart. No hassle, no needles, no supplements. Am very happy witb the results. I did Ganban-yoku treatment. I lost 10kg within 2 months. Works as Anti-depressant, reduce my joint pains. I can sleep well in the night. 😊😀
I feel amazing after 35x of EECP Treatment. They are really helpful and only want you to get the best treatments. Highly highly recommended! Getting my family and friends on board with them.
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee
Best EECP Treatment center by far. I was researching for the best place with the best offer and so far these guys are Number 1 in my books. The place: Amazing The services: 5 Star all the way The people: Really cares for you My health: Money can't buy what they have done for me. Would give them 10 stars if I could.
Vicknoben V.
Vicknoben V.
Highly recommended and the best center for EECP treatment.


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EECP Treatment: The Future of Heart Health - Experience it Today!


Oftentimes, it has been indicated that there is no difference between EECP an ECP, as they both refer to a counter pulsation treatment. Procedure wise, they are the same. But what differs is the machinery design. EECP is the most advanced and enhanced way of delivering the counter pulsation treatment.

It is crucial that in order to promote collateral circulation, the inflation and deflation of the cuffs be correctly timed with the patient’s heartbeat. Every person is biologically unique and hence, an extremely precise and sensitive treatment set up is required to afford the full benefit to be achieved. This is possible only with the EECP machines.  EECP treatment and has been involved in extensive research and development activities over the past years. This expertise has been directly translated into the development of the EECP machines and delivering treatment. All the machines and systems are US FDA approved.

Cheaper ‘Made in China’ machines used to deliver ECP treatments have not been able to match the original machines in efficacy and product life. Neither do they have any FDA approval. Hence, it is important that patients and doctors enquire on the machines used to deliver treatment and ensure that our EECP machines are used in the centre where treatment is delivered.

We aim to be the leading player in delivering world-class EECP treatment in Malaysia.

EECP is a non-invasive therapy that has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the management of refractory angina and heart failure.

This treatment involves repetitive leg and arm compressions with a pneumatic device that drives blood backward into the aorta and increases coronary blood flow.

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) may stimulate the openings or formation of collaterals (small branches of blood vessels) to create a natural bypass around narrowed or blocked arteries.

Not convinced? Please read medical journals and research papers from around the world on EECP here.

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